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Quick overview

Teams take turns selecting trivia cards from five generation decks.

They keep each card answered correctly, and earn bonus cards for answering outside their generations and for not using hints.

The first team to earn 20 cards, including one from each generation, WINS!

Set up the trivia and bonus cards

Separate and stack the trivia cards into five decks for each generation, colorful side facing up. Put the bonus cards next to the generation decks.

Play single players or teams of any size

Divide up however you’d like. Keep in mind that more generations on your team means fewer bonus cards for going outside your generation. More on this later.

First team picks a card to answer

The team with the oldest player starts. When selecting a generation card, be strategic and consider the generation, difficulty, and category of the top trivia card on each deck.

Trivia captain reads the question

The trivia captain is a player on an opposing team who reads the question and hint (if requested) aloud. They also judge whether the question was answered correctly. The trivia captain should rotate along with the gameplay.

Team answers question or asks for a hint

Lock in your guess by saying “final answer.” Keep deliberations under 60 seconds.

Keeping track of the score

The first team to earn 20 cards, including one from each generation, WINS! Keep track of the score by holding on to trivia cards answered correctly. Earn up to two bonus cards each turn. One for correctly answering a question outside your generation and one for correctly answering without a hint. After the first turn, gameplay moves clockwise to the next team.

Examples: When playing single player, if a Baby Boomer correctly answers a Gen Z question without a hint, she earns 3 cards for the round.

Or, if a team of Millennials & Gen Xers correctly answers a Millennial question with the help of a hint, they earn 1 card for the round.

Alt rules


Don't like the difficulty level or category of the top trivia card of a generation’s deck when it's your turn? Forfeit a generation card in your hand to take the top trivia card from the deck of your choice out of play.


If a team or player answers the question incorrectly, the next up in play can decide if they want to call a Steal. If they get the answer right, they earn the trivia card, but if they get the answer wrong, they lose one of their cards. Stealing counts as a team's next turn.


Want to play on easy mode? Win by being the first to earn 20 cards and by correctly answering questions from 4 generations of your choosing.