About Us

Our story begins in lockdown with me and Chris, Helen and Ian in Annapolis. Over the 2020 Covid year, the family did what you all did. We hunkered down as a family, found our new normal, and did our best to stay safe, healthy & sane. 

To pass the time, we tried to play games together. We learned very quickly that few games excited all of us. With trivia, some of us loved it and some hated it. Most of us weren’t that great at it. We all wanted to love it, so we decided to make our own darn game with our own darn rules that leveled the trivia playing field for players of all ages.

We wrote questions (not all great), and played and changed and shared with a few friends. I wanted the rules to be simple, and make sure players didn’t just have to know everything if you could think it out, and for truly everyone to see questions that they could know, to naturally tell stories and laugh at surprisingly good hints.

After some initial prototyping, and a lot of play testing, we realized very quickly we were truly on to something. We’re lucky to have so many friends and pros from the past to build a team to take a serious look at building a joyful product that friends and family will get more out of than just a quick game night.

And with that, here we are, excited to share gensmak trivia™  with you, and the world. Thanks for visiting our page to learn more about us & our story.

All the smak,

Laura Sleat, founder

with Helen, Ian, and the merry band of snarky empathetic joyful gensmak pros