gensmak rules!

First team to 20 cards who also answers questions from 4+ generations WINS!

Keeping score: there are questions cards and bonus cards. Get a question card correct, keep the question card. 

Bonus cards

  • Answer questions correctly without a hint: 1 bonus card.
  • Answer outside your generation: 1 bonus card. 

Example: if a Baby Boomer correctly answers a Gen Z question without a hint, he earns 3 cards for the round (check out the big brain on Brad!).  

Steals: If a player answers a question incorrectly or can’t answer, the next team in play can decide if they want to call a “Steal.” If they get the answer right, they get the card, but if they get the steal wrong, they lose one of their cards.

If there are more than 2 teams playing, the play returns to the team who would have gone next, in the order of play.

Setting up the game

The rules are enough, but if you are playing with Monica, she’ll want to read the rest...

Play as single players or break into teams. If playing in teams, organize the teams by generation and play Gen vs. Gen or play as cross-generational teams—Blend the Gens. 

Keep in mind that with more generations on one team, there might be more horsepower to answer questions from 4+ generations. However, there are also less chances to receive bonus cards for answering questions outside of their generation. 

Shuffle each of the decks separately and replenish cards as needed throughout the game.

Take about 30 question cards from each generation. Organize the cards into 5 separate decks by generation. 

Place the cards question-side down so players only see the generation, category and difficulty. Use this information when deciding which card to choose when it’s your turn #strategy.

There are 50 bonus cards; set these beside the generation decks.


Read the category and difficulty of the cards before you decide which deck to pull a question from. Keep in mind that in order to win, you need to correctly answer questions from at least 4 generations, as well as hold 20 cards.

For example: If you have a “difficult” question in a category you don’t know much about facing you in your generation’s pile, versus an “easy” question from another generation’s deck, it may be time to try to check off one of the 4+ questions needed to win from outside your generation.

The oldest player starts, and then game play moves clockwise. Rotate the question ‘asker’ along with the game play, so everyone has a chance to steal.

Hints: For goodness sake, if you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, take the hint! If you don’t, someone trying to steal is going to run off with your cards. 

And if you have all of your 20 cards and are just working towards answering questions outside your generation, take the hint! It doesn’t hurt you since you already have all the cards you need (unless you are playing for pride, which is cool, too).

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